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  1. Review our Posted Policies
  2. Sorry for any inconvienence, but the check in forms are not available online at this time.
  3. Obtain your pet's vaccination Records (your vet can fax them to us)
  4. Review What to Bring



The staff at Holly Ridge Manor pledge to watch over your pet(s) and provide a happy and healthy stay. Sometimes, however, unforseen circumstances occur. Therefore, I understand and agree that Holly Ridge Manor Canine Country Club cannot be held responsible for any health problems including, but not limited to, illness, catching of fleas, kennel cough, or injury. I authorize Holly Ridge Manor Canine Country Club to have my pet treated by their veterinarian in the event of a medical emergency during boarding and I, the owner and/or responsible party, will be held responsible for all medical bills that occur.

I have been advised by Holly Ridge Manor that there is A $25 returned check fee.

I have been advised that if for any reason legal action is taken by Holly Ridge Manor Canine Country Club against the owner and/or responsible party that the owner and/or responsible party agrees to be held responsible for any legal and/or financial obligation Holly Ridge Manor might incur, including but not necessarily limited to banking expenses, court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Any pets left at Holly Ridge Manor 30 days past the departure date listed on the check-in sheet will be considered abandoned and all ownership rights will be forfeited to Holly Ridge Manor Canine Country Club (unless prior notification has been made in regards to a boarding stay extension).

What to Bring

We prefer for you to bring in your own food. Some dogs may experience an upset stomach when their diet is changed. You may put your pets food in a container with the size scoop you like to use, or you can package each individual feeding in a ziplock baggy. Please DO NOT bring in bowls and dishes. We have plenty and yours may get mixed in with ours when they go to the kitchen to be washed. If you like to prepare home cooked meals for your dog, its no problem, we will keep it in our fridge and warm it up in the microwave if needed.

You may bring in any bedding. Do not bring in any items that cannot be replaced. They may get dirty, chewed up, or misplaced during washing.

You may bring in toys and treats. Again do not bring in any toy that cannot be replaced. It may get dirty or chewed up. We give treats every time your dog is brought in from outside play. We have plenty of treats or you may bring in your dogs favorite treats.

    What to bring with you to check-in at HRM:
  • Shot Records
  • Dog Food (in airtight container or ziploc bags)
  • Medications (count out amount needed)
  • Soft Dog Bed (we have blankets & towels)
  • Toys & Treats
  • Collar With Identification Tag
  • Check In Form
  • Don't Forget to apply flea preventative

What NOT to bring

  • Do not bring in any items that can't be replaced. They may get dirty, lost, or chewed up.
  • Bowls


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